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Bognor Regis Beach (this website) has primarily been created because of fond happy memories of the beach having lived here for most of my adult life. Also having read about the founder of Bognor Regis as a seaside resort, Sir Richard Hotham.

I am just a resident, and for me I have felt that over the years Bognor Regis really has had its fair share of criticism.
When walking along the promenade of Bognor Regis in the sunshine with the sea lapping away on the shore, I thought about Sir Richard Hotham and what he may now think of his seaside resort and the vision he once had.
I would expect in this modern day and age if Sir Richard Hotham were still alive, he would very much have taken onboard modern technology to continue to promote his vision and what he thought then as being one of the best locations on the South Coast of the UK.

My aim with this website is to tell it how it really is; which for me Bognor Regis is in one of the best locations on the south coast of the UK and with the right investment, could once again truly flourish as a popular destination for tourists. The lovely location can't be changed, but what can be changed is the apathy that has been eating away at the true heart of Bognor Regis. Over many years many poor decisions have been made by people who think they know better by destroying this town and it's architecture and as a result many locals have given up fighting against these decisions because they go ahead anyway.

I have many fond memories of visiting the various busy beaches and town of Bognor Regis. Having picnics on the beach, playing cricket, and building sandcastles as well as lots to see and do, but above all, having a great time and enjoying the long sunshine hours that Bognor Regis is well known for.

Colin Clark

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