About the webcam beach view

Below is a still photo of the view of the beach at Bognor Regis with a key indicating what everything is.

  1. Seafront Flats
  2. Bognor Regis Town Hall
  3. The Regis Centre
  4. Butlins Bognor Regis
  5. Seafront Flats - Esplanade Grande
  6. Seafront Flats
  7. Felpham Beach
  8. Middleton-On-Sea Beach
  9. Elmer Beach
  10. Brighton
  11. Bandstand
  12. Beacon
  13. Childrens Bouncy Castle and Merry Go Round
  14. Rainwater Outlets
  15. Fishing Boats - these go out most days very early before the sun rises or just before.
  16. Fishing Nets and Lobster Pots

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