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The Ice house in Bognor Regis was built circa 1792 for Sir Richard Hotham who led the development of Bognor as a seaside resort.

It was used to store ice for domestic use and to keep food and wine chilled. Blocks of ice were separated with straw which is well known for its insulating properties.

Situated in front of the Edward Bryant School in London Road Bognor’s ice house is in a remarkable state of preservation and is a tribute to the skill of the men who built it. The construction consists of a 28ft. deep central area from the dome to the floor, which is below ground level, and the diameter of the chamber is approximately 12ft. The circular exterior wall is of fine brickwork with the dome being cemented on the inside.

The ice house of Bognor Regis is one of the best examples of its type in Sussex.

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