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Rose Green Art & Craft Centre

Rose Green art and craft centre

One of Bognor Regis’s secrets, and far more than a normal art gallery, the Rose Green Art & Craft shop and centre has become a special place to enjoy the work of many gifted artists in the Bognor Regis area, and for artists to come together.

A vast range of handmade gifts, paintings and craft alongside a selection of other unique pieces, are available at an affordable price in the shop.

The crafts people at the art gallery will be pleased to see you. 'You are more than welcome to come and browse around our emporium' - all work exhibited is for sale, or just pop in for a freshly brewed coffee. You will always be assured of a friendly welcome.

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St Anthony of Viareggio Rose green

St Anthony of Viareggio Rose green

St Anthony’s church started life as a bungalow called Roughlands.

Owned by Mr Brown who lived there from 1950 to 1961. It was bequeathed his bungalow to the Servite Friars to be used as a church.

On the 6th may 1963 the Right Reverend Cyril Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark dedicated and opened the new church. The name St Anthony of Viareggio was chosen because he was a Servite Friar, the Parish was served by the Servite Friars.

St Nicholas Church Middleton-on-sea

St Nicholas Church Middleton-on-sea

Whereas the parish of Middleton is ancient (existed before 1086 when Doomesday Book was compiled) the present church is Victorian.

It was built in 1847 on a plot given by Richard Coote of Middleton Green, safely away from the beach where the former church, split apart by a disastrous storm in 1837, could then still be seen.

From the 1790s on the old church had been famous for its exposed position right on the edge of the low cliff; guidebooks to the new seaside resort of Bognor Regis suggested a ride along the sands to wonder at its dogged existence.

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St Thomas A’Beckett Church, Pagham

St Thomas A’Beckett Church, Pagham

The first church on this site was built by the Saxons 1300 years ago in the 7th century AD on land given by Caedwalla, King of Wessex, to St. Wilfrid in gratitude for him helping to save the people of the area from starvation.
Later, when he returned north, St. Wilfrid gave Pagham to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who remains as Patron of the parish to this day.

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St Wilfrid's Church

St Wilfrid's Church Bognor Regis

St Wilfrid’s Church was dedicated in 1910 and built to meet the growing needs in the west of the town as the population of Bognor grew in what was the easternmost tithing of the ancient parish of Pagham.

What was actually built was only the first phase of a far more ambitious building by the architect George Fellowes Prynne which should have extended another three bays and had an imposing bell tower and baptistery if it had ever been completed. It was originally a daughter church to St. John the Baptist Church in London Road, Bognor and became the Parish Church on 25th of May 1971, when St. John's Church was closed.

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